First post here so take it easy, haha. I have searched and researched enough to where I feel comfortable to post asking for criticism.

Let me start out by saying I am 23 yrs old. I am 6'5" 330lbs. I played college ball and now want to continue to lift and hopefully cut about 30lbs and change my physique from my nose guard body to something a little more healthy and ripped. No league this next year anyways (probably) so I might as well do what I want, and then see what happens.

My research has led me to the following:

Prohormone - Transform EPI (same as Havoc but cheaper) - 20/30/40/40/50
Preworkout - Applied Nutriceuticals RPM - 5 pills OR Jack3d
Liver Protection - AI Life Support 4 pills daily, Silymarin 600mg daily.
Blood Pressure Support - Hawthorn berry 550mg daily, Celery Seed 1500mg
ZMA - helps sleep
Taurine 6g daily - help with back pumps
General Multivitamin
Fish Oil
Vitamin C
Whey protein

Anything else?

(I know RPM and Jack3d are completely different. I am pretty immune to stimulants so that is why I feel RPM will be better FOR ME)

As far as PCT probably AI Post Cycle Support or Clomid (if needed). PCS is probably all i will need. Continue with ZMA to help naturally keep testosterone up, maybe tribulus too. I might throw in 6-oxo as well.

Eating a healthy, clean 3500-4000 calories a day. 60% protein, 30% carbs, 10% fat. Try to take is around 450-500 grams of protein PER DAY.

Training 4 days a week, running twice a week on non workout days. 10-12hrs sleep.

Please criticize!!! Let me know what you would change and why. I did quite a bit of research so hopefully most of it checks out! Thanks!