anyone try e-pharm amp

  1. anyone try e-pharm amp

    has anyone tried the new e-pharm amp? preferably someone that used the original (i think it came out in about 2005 or so). the very first run was awesome then i was dissapointed with all versions after that.

  2. what do you mean? afaik there were only 2 versions of AMP, version 1 (same ingredient profile as epharms) and then AMP2, which contained a different mix. So, this new epharms is exactly the same as the old one, )but I haven't tried this new release).

  3. i remember the very firsst one that came out had a different label ( i know that a different label doesnt mean a new ingredient profile). i tried all the versions and the one that had the original labeling seemed so much better. i know i wasnt the only one that thought this. i remember threads about it along time ago. i guess im going tohave to pick some up and see if its the same
  4. Smile Mine is on the way!

    Quote Originally Posted by witt51 View Post
    has anyone tried the new e-pharm amp? preferably someone that used the original (i think it came out in about 2005 or so). the very first run was awesome then i was dissapointed with all versions after that.
    I know exactly what you mean. I LOVED the original, but when it was pulled and AmpV2 came out it just wan't the same; even though the ingredients were similar. I also tried Youth Addict's Torch'd and that wasn't the same either. I don't think PA was involved with the Ergogenix brand which I think purchased ErgoPharm so I didn't even bother trying the Ergoburn. Since the original I have searched high & low and haven't found any other supp that worked like original Amp.

    I just ordered a bottle of the E-Pharm version. Hopefully it really is just like the original, if so I'm buying 10 more bottles lol!! Anyway, I'll let you know how it works; should get it by Friday - I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm excited to try it!

  5. ya let me know how it goes. the very first stuff was killer and all afterwards were very dissapointing. if this stuff is like the first one then i am going to get 10 bottles also.

  6. Sorry this took so long, but I got my E-Pharm Amp last week and here's my preliminary review....

    First a little background, I had surgery over a year ago and have not been working for almost a year. Since then I've gained 40 lbs. In the last year I've been working out & watching what I eat off and on but mostly off (hence the weight gain!). I've tried tons of diet/ energy pills in the last year and either they make me feel sick or weird, stop working after a week, or just plain don't work at all.

    My first dose of E-pharm Amp I went all out and took 4 caps. After about 15 minutes I started to get that brain tingle and just a small surge of energy. Did an hour of cardio (which is pretty good since I haven't worked out in weeks and am severely out of shape!). Did it feel exactly like the very first original Amp? No. With the first one I'd take 3 or 4 and 15-20 minutes later I would feel like I could run a marathon! I would be on the treadmilll in the morning for 80 minutes and only stop because I HAD to get ready for work!

    I didn't get that with this latest version. I also did not get that euphoric "I can do anything, wide awake, excited/ happy" feeling like w/ the old one. I must note that I have a very high tolerance for stims, & know that some people don't like that super hyper crazy energy; I happen to like it, but unfortunately didn't get that this time around. I also experienced a major crash after the first workout, but that could be in part because I haven't worked out in so long.

    As far as appetite control, this one is working pretty good, I'd say it's like the first one, just without the added benefit of the euphoric feeling. However, like the first one, this one is pretty clean, no sickness/ headache feeling which is great.

    Overall, I'm very happy w/ this Amp; especially considering the controversy that surrounded the original, I don't think it's possible to have one EXACTLY like that, but this is hands down the best energy/ fat burner I've tried since the original. Again, I have a high tolerance for stims and we all know supplements affect everyone different. My opinion is, if you enjoyed the original you owe it to its creator to at least give this one a try. I think this is going to do great this summer. I'm gonna give it another week or so to see how it goes and what my weight loss looks like, but I'm already planning on ordering another couple of bottles. Also want to try it with Genomyx H.E.A.T or Alpha Burn. I'll try to keep you posted.

    My recommendation...GOTTA TRY IT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!


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