Sup guys, iv been working out for over 2ish months. iv taked a good few supplements but now i wanna get rid of my stomach. got rid of my first set of love handles the top ones now i wanna get the waist down. ok so my question, a good fat burner? i tried lipo 6 black and oxyelite. oxyelite i didnt rlly like and lipo 6 black was a while ago and i never finished it. so i was looking at atro-phex. thing is i read its a diuretic and im taking creatine and assault. so idk how that would work out. but either way, what do u guys recommend for the type of fatloss that im looking for? atrophex looks good iv read good reviews on it but like i said with creatine idk how that would work. suggestions? i want something potent. THANKS!!!