ordering supplements in Europe???

  1. ordering supplements in Europe???

    I am a student (i.e. financial constrained individual) who has just moved from the US to Italy. Until I got here I thought I would just have someone send whatever supplements I couldn't find here through the mail if worst came to worst and I was having tough time finding what I needed here. Generally figured wouldn't have any trouble finding stuff close enough in price and quality to what I used to get in the states.

    Boy was I wrong!

    I've had someone send me one thing through the mail -- a two year old external hard drive that cost $130 new. On top of shipping, Italian customs required I pay $30 to receive the thing. I wouldn't even be able to sell it on ebay for $30.

    So there goes the idea of ordering anything from the US. Unless I am mistaken on there being some way around the insane customs??

    Then I go online to find EU distributors of my favorite supplement companies. I look at Primordial Performance. Their distributor in Europe's (********nutrition dot com -- my post count is too low to post links) prices are ~2-3 times as high as PP's prices in the US!

    HELP! I need supplements that aren't impossibly expensive. When they are 2-3 times as expensive I simply cannot get them. I do not have the money. In the US things like protein powder are actually less expensive than cheap food alternative sources of protein. Here both sources of protein are expensive as hell but the protein powder is impossible!

    I feel I must not know the best way of getting supplements at reasonable prices here. Can anyone offer any advice. I assume there are a lot of Europeans here. Your advice would be immensely appreciated.

    The supplements I'm looking for right now are just the basic staples like micellar casein protein powder, creatine, bcaas, lucein, and beta-alanine.

  2. Nobody from europe here?

  3. It was a long time ago I had to deal with that, I know the cost is so much higher over there. The best bet is to find a cheap European web site that sell the supp you need. If someone send you stuff from US make sure they don't wright down the value and mark it as "gift", that takes away the tax. Good luck!

  4. You also might try looking for a dedicated European BB forum. You'll probably run into more people that can help with your specific situation.

    Good luck

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