1st cycle testoviron

  1. 1st cycle testoviron

    hello all,

    new to this, just looking for some advice on a good dosage and cycle layout for a 1st timer useing testoviron with, looking to get lean and put on size without bloating or any of the other sides. was thinking along the lines of a 10week cycle, 1.5ml a week.

    i have 20ml testoviron 250mg per ml, also have nolvadex on the way for pct but is hard to come across persription pct like clomid and novaldex so if u cannot get my hands on any are there any otc options that will do the job for a not so vigirous cycle.

  2. i see alot of people asking for stats so bfore someone asks,

    6ft 2
    25years old
    lifting wieghts since i was 15
    have actually ran a winnie cycle before with good results but new to testosterone.
    am in good shape, strong and fit but now looking at taking things further

  3. anyone

  4. Well the dosage should appear pretty standard if you read some of the logs here...and nolva and clomid are probably the easiest things you could possibly get. You will have no trouble getting them.
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