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Element Nutrition Monster

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    Element Nutrition Monster

    Hey guys. I have just bought this prohormone and cant wait to start my cycle. My question is what is a good pct to take after an 8 week cycle, if any is needed? On the bottle it says to take Drive and Triple threat however I am unaware if you need a certain pct for a certain prohormone. I eould much rather take 1 pct because of financial issues, triple threat alone is about $60 around here. Thanks so much for the help and also I would love to hear if this prouct worked for anyone and what kind of gains I can expect.

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    M Lmg & Epi.
    First, I wouldn't run for 8 weeks. Maybe 6 at the most.
    Second, you should really look into a strong PCT. Serm will be needed.

    Those are good compounds. Search for logs.

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