What supp to regulate system after stims?

  1. What supp to regulate system after stims?

    Hey everyone

    Is there a supp that will help stabilize after the use of stims? I did a few runs of ECY in the past (always gave over a month in betweens) and so on and so forth, and stims really don't effect me much anymore, hell, I will take a great nap after a full cup of coffee...

    Anyways, I always ate a little bit too much salt too, add that to the stims, bam, my BP is slightly over regular, and I will be staying away from stims for a little, unfortunately, especially since it would take so much to actually kick in for me.

    Is there any supp that will help bring me back to a more "stable" and regular state of being? I am currently taking Life Support, I have completely taken salt (sodium mostly too) out of my diet (replaced with "No Salt" which is a pure potassium replacement. I am also taking about 6g of Fish Oil a day, Adam and ZMA before bed.

    Keep in mind I'm in a ketogenic diet (very few "bad fats", most of my fats (basically all actually) come from good sources; lots of nuts - pecans, almonds, peanuts to a very smaller extent- lots of olive oil, fish and egg fat)

    So is there anything that will help me get me back to a good blood pressure and help me not be so "stim resistant" in case that if, hopefully when, I get my body back to normal I can pursue that as maybe an option?

    Thanks for any input!

  2. Something like EndoAmp could be useful to regulate cortisol levels.

    A nutrient repartitioner could help as well.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy View Post
    Something like EndoAmp could be useful to regulate cortisol levels.

    A nutrient repartitioner could help as well.
    How would a nutrient partitioner help?

    Don't take that the wrong way, I'm not calling you wrong, you just have me curious about it myself, and I'm interested to hear some elaboration on it
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    Reset AD is supposed to help in this department. I ran it during my first "stim detox" about a year ago and didn't notice anything from it. I'm not saying that it won't work, but it didn't have any noticeable change for me. When I hopped back on stims, the sensitivity hadn't really changed.

    I don't have the same sensitivity to them that I used to. I try to take the 4 weeks off per every 8 on (and this means zero stimulants during that time, not even a soda). What I'll likely do in the near future, though, is take about 3 full months or so off of stims (maybe longer, if I can swing it) to see if that resets things for me more than the 4-5 week breaks I've taken.
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  5. What nutrition repartitioner and how would that help?

    I take ALA now on a regular basis too. And it seems Reset AD has been discontinued

  6. Bio Mend is a good product if thats what you are looking for. not expensive and does the job. become a facebook fan and get a promo code when you check you for a discounted price!
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  7. bla55, I guess I'm in your camp. I don't even feel one full scoop of BPI's 1MR anymore (have to call it "0MR" I guess, lol), which basically tells me one has to cycle off those aggressive stims for a long, long time!

  8. Diphenhydramine (anti histamine)


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