Stuck Between

  1. Stuck Between

    So im running a cycle which ends in march, and im thinking of what to do after that 30 days of rest

    I was thinking of just a kind of cut, i have done the erase/alpha/oep, and did a alpha and oep run too

    i have a bottle of titanium my girl bought me, so whatever i run im running that too, i was thinking of doing titanium/erase and something else, maybe recompadrol? or adding a 2nd test boost like testopro which i ran the stack once and loved it

    any ideas for a good fat burner to run along?

  2. What do you mean by 30 days of rest?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by catty66 View Post
    What do you mean by 30 days of rest?
    like after the 30 days of my full cycle just not doing any supplements with the exception of my staples (whey, bcaa, fiber, milk thistle, fish oil)

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