reduce xt and triazole

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    reduce xt and triazole

    hey im kinda new here and got a few questions for you experienced people. Im no newbie to bodybuilding and been lifting seriously for about 6 years or so, so i like to think im a little seasoned and experienced. Anyways, i recently have taken interest in some of these OTC supps and have already ordered some triazole because iv read nothing but good things on this forum. I plan to take triazole for 8 weeks as suggested and im thinking about taking reduce xt along with it. Iv read people get good results at around 3 caps per day of reduce xt.

    How long should i take reduce xt? The same 8 weeks as triazole?
    Could anybody recommend taking reduce xt with triazole or at a different time?
    How long should i wait to start taking reduce xt again once i finish? the answer seems to be consistent with any supplement: time on=time off. but im just checking.

    Anybody have any other suggestions/ideas/supplements to throw my way? I'd really like to learn as much as possible. Nice to meet yall!! BTW, the forum is awesome compared to other iv visited!!

  2. Yeah you can rune them together, but since you haven't used Triazole at all yet may i suggest you run it alone for at least four weeks to assess how you feel about it?

    If not, just run them together from the get-go. Use the RXT for 4-8 weeks and the Triazole for 4-8 weeks.

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