Cut stack questions

  1. Cut stack questions

    Quick question.....looking to start a cut stack in a month or so! Orgiinally, I had planned a turinabol + fura + dermacrine stack but starting to rethink it a little! What are ya'lls thought on maybe stacking natadrol with fura and/or dermacrine???? or maybe nata + 6-bromo ????or maybe nata and 11 sterone???? Not wanting to put on anymore size, just try to maintain what I have but really shed down! Anyone have any other recommendations..can be ph/non-ph and yes, my diet will be in check! Thanks for any and all advice!

  2. I would go with non-ph if your goals are to not gain any more weight. You look pretty damn lean already too. I dream of the day I only have to "maintain".

    Anyways, I would find a natural test booster of your choice, with Erase. Keep the testosterone high and estrogen in check, without having to worry about a PCT. No reason to suppress yourself.
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  3. Iforce's TT-33 I've heard it works pretty good to shed a little bit.
    Anyone hear how the "liquid hcg" diets work? Maybe something to look into if it works.

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