Best pre-wo or homemade combo

  1. Best pre-wo or homemade combo

    I know this thread has been done a million times. However im looking for ideas that do not contain 1,3 dimeth. Manly because it keeps me up and going for way to long and gives me sleeping problems. If anyone has any pre-wos with 1,3 dimeth that DONT have this effect let me know and your personal experience. Pre-surge unleashed and maximize v2 both keep me awake at night when i take it at 2-3 in the afternoon, 1 scoop each.
    How is mesomorph in this department?
    Has anyone tried HEAT stack? hows the energy?
    Also i would like the product to be low in creatine mono.
    Home made ideas welcome too.
    Thanks guys im just in a rut in the pre-wo department.
    I currently use ASGT but it kills my leg days due to stomach discomfort.
    And Superpump max but sometimes its amazing and sometimes it just doesnt provide. Same with white flood. Thanks again guys

  2. 200mg Caff
    50mg Dimeth
    5g AAKG
    30g malto dextrin
    30g dextrose
    3g beta alanine
    3g GPLC
    5g creatine

  3. why the carbs may i ask? also why the AAKG? that stack doesnt keep u up at night?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    why the carbs may i ask? also why the AAKG? that stack doesnt keep u up at night?
    AAKG for pumps and vascularity
    Carbs for pumps, energy and endurance
    No, does not keep me up, I sleep like a baby.
    The carbs and AAKG and all of that stuff is cheap bulk and you'll have an amazing time with that stack.

  5. to bad i hate cheap carbs like that, im a whole food kinda guy, palantinose being my only exception. and i dont like arginine, not enough science behind it. Good to know, some 1.3 dimeth keep me AWAKE for way to long



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