Which type of Potassium?

  1. Which type of Potassium?

    Which of these three potassium product is best to take:

    1- Potassium Citrate
    2- Potassium Citrate Tricitrate
    3- Potassium Carbonate

    I found number two on E-Bay and it appears OK for human consumption; don't want to give a direct link as it may be against the rules, but it is there and very easy to find for those who are interested in reading more about it. Sold in bulk and price is good too...
    Also, what is the maximum safe amount for potassium from a supplement?

    Thanks a lot

  2. What are you trying to accomplish?

    Potassium aspartate is readily available unless you harbor some paranoia of neuron damage. There's also potassium gluconate which is sold in bulk powders at various retailers.

    Maximum safe dose could vary quite a bit. I imagine most could tolerate a 1g/ED but if it induces cardiac arrhythmia then your dose is probably too high.

  3. I take potassium citrate. I also take hctz, a potassium wasting diuretic ED for blood pressure. 100mg AM, 100mg PWO, and 100mg pre-bed keeps my K level around 4.5. Normal range is 3.5-5.1. So I balance my hctz with 300mg K Citrate. I really wouldn't go over 200mg if not on any potassium wasting supps/meds.


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