Natadrol + 11oxo stack

  1. Natadrol + 11oxo stack


    I'm currently cutting and have natadrol, 11oxo (original) and lean extreme

    I wish to run natadrol @ 4caps for around 6 weeks and near the end introduce 11oxo @ 3caps for around 4 - 6weeks, then start my OTC PCT of DAA, an AI and Lean xtreme for 4 weeks

    Questions i have is regarding Test and Cortisol suppression. Am I going too long? I dont plan on putting on muscle, just a good strong boost to getting my BF into the single digits.

    I'm concerned about the natadrol sides of intense cramping, hair thinning and prostate issues. These worry me some what hence the 4cap dose. If at any point I feel too uncomfortable to continue, I will stop it and go on with the 11oxo at a higher dose.

    Is there anything I'm missing? Diet, training and rest is in perfect check.

  2. bump anyone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Valiant_Thor View Post
    I think you will do good on your cycle...
    I see no problems with it.
    Maybe ad in HCGenerate as a test base and testofen source..
    i got a bottle of bioforge promax and bulk fenugreek, so theres my HCGenerate right thuur

    thanks for your imput... i wish more bros posted

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