Titanium and Erase while cutting?

  1. Titanium and Erase while cutting?

    I'm cutting now, and have made good progress but I still have a ways to go. I've gone from about 25-26% BF to about 15% BF in 8 weeks or so. I let myself go way too damn long and gotta change it.
    Now I'm at about 180 lbs, on approx 40/40/20 diet at about 1800 calories. I'm taking ASGT, Ghenerate, and TT-33. Other than that, some staples - cissus, multivitamin, fish oil, and BCAAs.

    Is Titanium and Erase good to use while cutting, or better for use at maintenance or bulking?

    Other question - taking all 5 a little much? I'm sick at how far I let myself go, I was patient for a few months now I really want to get back in shape.

  2. I say go for it. If you're truly @ 15% bf the erase will def help IMO. If you're worried about popping to many supps i'd say hold off on the titanium since it would probably be the least noticeable of the two products.

  3. Thanks, I guess I'm not horribly worried about too many supps. I got the NP combo deal, and they make sense to go together, so I thought I'd do both. If I'm wasting Titanium cutting, then probably won't bother. I want to see how well it works to pick up a few more since the combo deal is still going on.

    The 15% was according to calipers. IIRC the results were pretty close with those high-end electro scales (Tanita) when I compared years ago. Have a 4-pack if I flex the abs.

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