Geranium Extract vs Flashover

  1. Geranium Extract vs Flashover

    Im debating between either buying Geranium Extract with has 60mg of 1,3dim vs Flashover which has many other factors into it such as creatine mono-hydrate and 1,3dim as well but only dosed at 23mg. which would be more efficient for someone who is 6'0, 215 pds and goes to the gym 6 days a week bulking at the moment. thank you

  2. Geranium Extract and take the rest on its own in bulk will last longer and cost less.
    isd stick to 20-40mg Geranium Extract per dose thow. add in 100mg caffeine with it and your gud

  3. u cant use geranium every day, tolerance will build up very quick. that said i loved my sample of flashover. it was better than jack3d for me. right now i take jack3d once a week (very similar to flashover) and it works well but if i even try twice in the same week it doesnt hit me as hard. i also have caps of geranium i will substitute time to time with some "stay awake" 200mg caffeine

  4. take your stims only on days you really need day..back day...or when you feel sluggish. 1,3 dimeth has a very quick tolerance build up and abusing stims have really adverse affects in some people...for me it gives me ED.

  5. If those are the only options, I'd go with flashover and dose only 2-3 times/week max.

  6. I only take stims on days that end in Y

    Agreed with above though, personally for the price I'd grab Flashover. Especially for a preworkout hit. Some caps I've used haven't worked as well as drinks some odd reason.
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