3-AD from AX

  1. 3-AD from AX

    I found 3 bottles the other day (LOL). Forgot I had them.

    Anyone like this stuff?
    Any feedback?
    Is this more of a PH or a test booster?

    I can't do a search b/c when I type in 3-AD the search engine gives me nothing! (too short of a name?)

    Thanks peeps

  2. This is a prop blend with two prohormones/pheromones: androsterone and 2-androstenol acetate. The first one is the same as in Stano-drol/Androhard, is a precursor of stanolone (a.k.a DHT), the second one is a pheromone with an acetate ester to increase oral bioavailability.
    All I've said is on the anabolics part of this forum on the Prohormones charts on the stickys

  3. MODS - Please move to Anabolics Forum. I just reallized I posted oin wrong forum.

    Thanks Broly. Have you used it and do you care to provide feedback?

  4. Nop, never used it and all I've heard is that it's very weak regarding physical improvements being the mostly known for psycological effects as improved focus and alpha male-like feeling.

  5. Some general info:

    non-methyl, quite safe, very low on side effects. One was increased sweating.
    PCT is simple and OTC
    Duration of cycle can be short. If under 220lbs, 4/day. If over 6/day.

    Other than that, watch to see that it's not expired.
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  6. Got it


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