MR CHASE was kind enough to send me a bag of the new NTBM better protine bars (cho -bananna) and all I can say is better? BEST !! by a long long long shot the best tasting / healthiest WHOLE FOOD bar on the planet, Its not just some cheap 500 ingredient candy bar, This thing is a MEAL in itsself, and since you make them yourself, you can see EVERYTHING that goes into them!! a 4 ingredient bag , whey iso, oatmeal , cocoa powder , freeze dried bananna, and you add the pb and honey, I cannot even tell you how many times ive had gasto discomfort from the 100 ingredient profile bars that are being slung over the counter these days, and the best ones I can find cost an arm and a leg! My problem is solved, When i get my first unemployment check I will be investing in more(unless I find a new job before that Thanks again for sending these out! NTBM + best !