Arginine and it's effect on growth hormone

  1. Arginine and it's effect on growth hormone

    Check this out..
    NO boosters taken before strength training lower GH peak

    Also, I've heard word-of-mouth saying arginine taken prior to working out decreases GH. But I've heard that taking it before bed is a good idea for increased GH output.

    Any opinions? Tried using search but my findings were sketchy at best.

    I've had good results "in the gym" using arginine before hand but as far as GH output goes, how am I to tell?

    What's everyone's opinion on this? Is the "GH blunting" even anything to really worry about?

  2. honestly, i dont read to much into this stuff. its like the question whens the best time to work out. morning when test is high or later in the day? either way, if u eat, sleep and train right u r gonna grow
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  3. We have tons of GH threads about what supplement can possibly increase GH. If it does it will be very little and nothing compared to SLEEP. It releases the largest amount of GH naturally and it's also FREE!!!! OMG.. Get it!
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  4. Yea, I would say you have nothing to worry about, especially if your picture is of you.

  5. Thanks everyone for the advice.

    Just placed an order and will be getting some AAKG along with a bunch of other goodies. I've had good results using AAKG before but I just wanted to check other people's opinions.

    Not too worried about "maximizing" growth potential anyway. I mean, I try hard but I've noticed that if you're consitent with a good training program and a good diet that results will come (albiet slowly sometimes). Certain supplements do help you along though. Here's the stack I'll be doing (doseages aside)...

    Beta Alanine
    Creatine Kre-Alkalyn
    Gluta-lyn (some kind of pH buffered glutamine product that comes free with a bottle of SciFit Creatine Kre-Alkalyn... Supposidly it's way better than regular glutamine powder, which I never noticed any benefit in taking. It's free though, so why not!)

    I'd like to add some citrulline malate, and I actually thought I had that in my order but I must have taken it off when I added the IGF-2.

    Anyway, thanks a lot fellas! Peace

  6. I really doubt theres going to be any significant GH blunting effect, especially not enough to translate into real life deteriment to gains. At the same time i highly doubt any GH boosting effect from Arginine pre bed would produce any significant effect in terms of muscle growth.

  7. I've used arginine various times over the last 25 years or so and I can say that I get alot stronger when using it. I always followed the rules that are required to release growth hormone with arginine and when I do I get the results. I reached some personal best two years ago at the age of 47(yea, I'm old). I never had any blood test to measure exactly what it is doing for me, I just know I like the results.

  8. I can't wait to get this stack started!!!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Type O Hero View Post
    I can't wait to get this stack started!!!
    Very random question: How big are your arms?.... for 5'10" 182 lbs they look huge.....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Vitruvian View Post
    Very random question: How big are your arms?.... for 5'10" 182 lbs they look huge.....
    Yeah his avy looks crazy weird.
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  11. I dunno, I haven't measured them in a long ass time. I'm at work right now but when I have a chance I'll post it.

    My arms and back are my best parts.


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