First Cycle help

  1. First Cycle help

    experienced lifter interested in running a cycle of Stakabol (i know it is kind of a ****ty product from what ive read but i was given a bottle to try for free)
    i have not started yet
    i HAVE ordered Clomid.
    just want some advice on dosage of stakabol and clomid, how long to run stakabol and when to start the clomid. also any other products i should include in my post cycle therapy.

    just so it is clear, I HAVE A SERM (clomid)
    im not an idiot, i dont want to destroy myself.
    any advice and opinions welcome.

  2. I would move this thread to the anabolics section. I would also get some liver support, and take it at a seperate time as the hormone. I take mine at night. You should have a natural test booster for PCT, to go along with your Clomid. Good luck.

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