ec stack. ok to up dosage?

  1. ec stack. ok to up dosage?

    ok so I've just finished week 2 of this. running it with alpha t2 as well

    stacking as follows
    25E/200C/1 at2 in the morning upon waking and same thing around lunchtime.

    can I add another dose for the upcoming week before tapering it back down to 2 a day? I'm not to worried about the stim effect because honestly at this point it's not bothering me at all. Just want to know that it's safe. I've heard of some people doing it so that's why I ask.

    Also I have 2 weeks left on this run. During the off month from stims are we talking having to be off everything including coffee cause I'm a miserable scumbag without my coffee. I'm even having a cup of decaf with my morning dose (i'm older, it helps get things moving in the morning. Dont judge)


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    I ran doses 4 hours apart, 3x a day and had success with that. You'll be fine in that regard.

    And in your cycle off, it should be all stimulants (including caffeine from coffee unfortunately). You could opt to leave it in, but going completely stim free will allow your body to reset the best way possible. I'd definitely recommend it.

  3. Sounds good. I hate to give up my coffee but I will do whatever I need to make sure I have long term health.
    Going to add a half dose this evening and see how that goes. Prolly just half a bronkaid with a cup of coffee.
    Totally digging the ec stack so far though. Down to the high 16% body fat.
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    EC is a great stack (sucks that people abused it and got it to the point where it's a pain to buy sometimes). And if you didn't give up the coffee I don't think it's "long term health effects" you're looking at so much as just not having the same tolerance to stims. It'll still get reset a bit, just not as well. I wish I would've known all this stuff back when i first started taking a pre-workout without cycling off for far too long.

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