1. stack ERASE-TITANIUM.

    hello . i am a man from body i pserfect isnt it? .! hhaa.
    i practice BODY and CYCLING and i am 47 years old./
    i am on this CRAZY stack ERASE-TITANIUM since 1 week and I CAN PROMISE YOU I FEEL EUPHORISTIC..! in my WORKOUTS and in my MOOD , LIBIDO( not really big with it but i take this product since 1 week then,..i should wait to really judge in this panel..) and SLEEP is perfect .
    in my cardio session, it is wonderfull too..! what to say about this stack...?

    More FREE TESTO (TITANIUM) and LESS OESTROGENS (ERASE ) works together to maximize the endogeneaous hormones in the top line..
    i will see the next weeks how its work for me . and the review will be for you my friends..!
    look at my website if you want. (DOMINO BLOG will find it with GOOGLE...!)
    best regards .
    excuse my poor english ..!

  2. excuse but to see my blog-> (french site).


    thanks .

  3. Subbed for more updates

  4. Great news.. but edit out the link in your second post... that is against the rules.
    The Historic PES Legend

  5. thanks for the feedback, minus the link



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