First time cycle help

  1. First time cycle help

    Taking H-drol for first time. I have liver support, trib., novedex xt, iforce reversitol, and a serm (clomid) for cycle support and pct. How exactly should I break all this down? I am doing a 4 week cycle on H-drol. What should I take with the H drol? What should I take after? How much? What should I not take?


  2. All of your questions will be answered if you use the search function. There have been countless logs and explanations of h-drol cycles. Also, if you have not read enough to already know these answers you are definitely not ready to cycle yet.
    This site is full of useful information and helpful people that will make sure you do things right. Keep reading and you will find what you are looking for. You will have better luck posting in the anabolics section and if you give some basic info about yourself (age, weight, diet, training, etc etc). Good luck.

  3. I've read numerous posts about how much clomid and h-drol to take. I'm wondering about the iforce reversitol, and the novedex xt. Most people say use it as pct, but then when you read posts the more informed say get a serm. I do not want to throw out $70 worth of supplements. Can/should I take them along with the h-drol, or should I take one during the cycle, and one during pct, or should it only be taken during pct, or just never at all?

  4. the choice is yours, basically. some are going to say otc pct is sufficient enough for something mild like h-drol, then theres those that say always take a serm after a ph/ds run. i mean you have them both.....

    "you can get with this, or you can get with that, you can get with this, or you can get with that, you can get with this or you can get with that , i think i'll get with this, cause this is where it's at............................ .............................. .............................. ...."

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