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  1. adding to gel

    Hey guys,
    I am new to the transdermal stuff but i heard that the gels here a great. My question is, I ordered some tgel with dmso today and i was wondering how much of a hormone I can add before putting to much. looking to add 1test and 4ad i think. also will the dmso in the solution burn much?

  2. You can add about up to 15g of ph to the solution. But you probably don't want to go over 10g of 4-ad. It does not go into solution as well as the 1-test. As far as burning yes it will probably burn beacause of the combo of the 1-test and DMSO. BUT its a good thing. The burning sensation is the 1-test absorbing through the skin. Which is very good. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya
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