Must arginine be taken on an empty stomach?

  1. Question Must arginine be taken on an empty stomach?

    I'm confused. I read that arginine products have to be taken on an empty stomach. Yet I see many popular arginine products with carbs and/or hydrolyzed whey included in the mix.
    Also some products, like Gaspari SuperPump250 state on the label:
    "Consuming a small meal just prior to using SuperPump250 can also help first time users with assimilation."

    What exactly is the reason why some say arginine products have to be taken on an empty stomach? Is it because insulin interferes with arginine's NO inducing effects? Is it because other amino acids compete with arginine?
    Please help me understand.

  2. Empty is best, by far. Simple carbs are ok, like Gatorade, and BCAA's won't interfere too much. Anything beyond that and you won't see the effects. The Gaspari 'small meal' nonsense is for those who might feel stimmed out from the stuff. But that meal, if it contains protein, will interfere with the arginine to some degree.

  3. Yeh I'm still confused by that, I take Arginine and right on the GNC bottle it says take with food only. Others I looked at said the same thing and too not do an empty stomach. I've tried on an empty stomach before, and within like 30-60 mins I've gotten kinda a upset stomach.

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