1. Necter

    Man I just tried Syntrax's new Necter Roadside Lemonade it is damn good. Does anyone know if their is a protein powder out there that is similar in taste quality? I would love to just use Necter all the time, but you would use like two or three a week. And that is to pricey for me.

  2. I like nectar too.

    The allthewhey isolate in orange mixes incredibly well and I think tastes great. Its price is much more affordable.

  3. Thanks Size. Is it the smoothe mix or just the normal isolate? And yeah I would love to be drinking Necter all day long but it's a bit pricey. Does anyone else know of any powder that taste like Necter?

  4. has some great deals on protein as well. Worth a look

  5. Cool. Which ones do you think taste the best at BSL?

  6. Everybody that I've seen try their apple has raved about it. I still have about 6-7 lbs of their whey xl left and am hoping that by the time I'm done w/it they'll add apple as a flavor option.

  7. Man i can't get it through my head that the necter is protien because it taste so good ,tryed the lemonade and cherry berry and they both taste good but the lemonade is better.

  8. Who's tryed the apple??


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