I'm 21 5'7 155 around 10% BF....I just ordered the Fat Loss Stack by PP + Turinabol Stack by PP + AndroHard by PP. PCT is included in the Turinabol Stack. I also take CLA and Jack3d by USP Labs. I eat well below maintenance and workout 4-5 times a week depending on how much school work I have. I eat grilled chicken, carrots, apples, apple sauce, eggs and Nature's Best Protein shakes and that's it. I have lost some strength b/c I have really been trying to just keep cutting fat since the start of Summer. My ultimate goal is to try to get down to 5-6% BF without taking steroids (mainly b/c I have no Idea how to/where to get them ha). Hopefully my new stack will put me there. It is a 2.5-3month stack and I hope to still be benching 235-240 by the end of it while weighing 145 with 5-6% BF. I think it is a reachable goal with this stack and my current diet and w/o program. PP is having a massive sale on PH due to discontinuation so in total it all cost me $300 for 3 months of products. Pretty good! I'd appreciate it if people could provide me feedback on what they think of my supp status and goals. I'm somewhat new to all of this. I've always worked out very hard for sports but kinda new to the BB scene so i'm somewhat in need of some schooling/mentoring. Thanks!