CEL H-Drol/Clomid Help

  1. CEL H-Drol/Clomid Help

    alright so the pct! should i run a serm or an OCT PCT. and if i choose to go the serm route is clomid alone enough for a 5-6 week cycle of CEL H-Drol. im planning on taking cycle assist by CEL regardless. preloading for 2 weeks and continuing throughout the cycle and on to the PCT!
    thanks for the help fellas!
    and i am new. so be easy lol

  2. You will see more replies if you move this to the anabolics or the pct sections.

    Hdrol is faily mild and some people do run an otc pct and do fine but I always run a serm after any aas since they are cheap and effective so... why risk it? You could also throw a natty test booster into your pct to make recovery a little easier.

    Also, always include some basic info when you are new and asking for advice: Age, height, weight, diet, training regiment, supps, and your goals. Don't need to get crazy detailed with these things but a basic outline helps a lot with everyone's ability to help you out. Good luck!

  3. thanks a lot man. ill ask it over there. i found it. my bad!

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