My Bulk Stack

  1. My Bulk Stack

    Ok, so I did lots of reading and asked some questions.

    There are so many different things I could buy and I could spend so much money on pills and powders.

    So I went for the following:

    Maximize V2
    USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic (as my weight gainer)
    TT-33 (came free with the maximize)

    Will be eating big but clean (lots of brown rice, lots of chicken, steak, eggs, cottage cheese, yog, veg etc.

    Will be lifting big, and sleeping as much as I possibly can.

    Let see what happens

  2. Sorry - double post.

    Question - the TT-33 claims to be a thermogenic.....

    Should I avoid this for bulking and use it for my cut in the spring?

    Seems a waste to use it while bulking, or is it synergistic with the other products I am taking and help me stay lean while I bulk.

    Or am i just being silly

  3. I suggest save it for the cut..

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