How much do you spend a month on supps?

  1. How much do you spend a month on supps?

    just wondering how much you guys are spending on average for your supp stacks?

    i think i'm around $100-$120 a month right now on a bulk stack.

    seems like a lot but i'm seeing results so its worth it.

  2. depends brow.....if you're planning a cycle, you'll spend more....for sure heheh

    but, for 4 weeks, and to hold gains and hold tha shape, i'll use some HGH booster every mounth + some NO2......probaly will be powerfull and jack3d........a, and some multi V. to.

    so, spending about U$140,00......

  3. whey, fish oil, multi, calcium (cause i'm getting old)

    about $150.00

  4. about 120$ on average.

  5. $120-$150 if i'm stocking up for a cycle $200 to $250

  6. far too much , i counted up today i take over 21 separate capsules, tablets, -resevatrol , grapeseed extract, cinomman extract , banaba leaf for corsolic acid, vit b complex, vit c , fish oil , safflower oil for gla, magnesium , bilberry for eyes, vit e glucosomine ,coq10, acetyl l carntine, alpha lipoic acid, indole-3-carbinol and so on , thats before the prewo post wo , daa., whey protein ;judging by the amount i pee on a night , my kidneys and liver are working overtime to get rid of what the body doesnt use.

    theres some good multi vits/min out there right now so i may go down that route, however although its expensive , i dont smoke and drink very little and so far as far as illness /injury goes ive had nothing other than a common cold and sometimes a cough to go with it.So for that reason i am a bit reluctant to change things.Fortunately im at a point in my life where money isnt tight so as i say whilest some choose to booze it away or go clubbing , drugs etc , when i view it in that light , the expense doesnt seem so bad.


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