1-andro rx what are all its sides?

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    1-andro rx what are all its sides?

    Hello there im thinking on using this soon since i will be 21 this year but not be4
    what im asking is dose this prohormone as far as ive read it dosent produce the facts of what dose: 1-Testosterone Facts:
    - Is not converted to estrogen in the body, therefore causes no breast enlargement or water retention
    - No conversion into DHT in the body, therefore won’t cause acne, scalp-hair loss, or body/facial hair growth
    - No liver damage, stomach discomfort, or toxicity

    My question is dose it or will it shut down are natural production of testosterone so called make them smaller and inactive ?

    What PHT should i get so that dosent happen ?

    P.s : Im going for this PH since it seams to be the "safest" out there for now.

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    post in the anabolics section

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