Best place to get quality r-ALA, at a decent price?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by gabadaba
    I just ordered for my first time last week, and this is my honest opinion. Im sorry not to be as wise as you. As i got more irritated, i stared researching Smi2le on the web and notiched that that were posts all over the place. I wanted to see ehat other people had to say, and i admit , they are all fairly positive, but their are some people who are very speptical. Try puncing in and read for yourselves. I thought my experience would be appreicted, but i guess i was wrong. Sorry to watse your valuable time. No need in emailing me, becasue ii wont be posting anymore.

    What the heck was that all about? He needed a big "thank you" for the purchase, and he gets mad if he doesn't get an email response in a day? If anyone should be thanking someone, Mike should be thanked for the prices. I do all the time.

  2. maybe you guys/gals should lay of the sterioids


  3. Quote Originally Posted by gabadaba
    I understand you have not had a pleasant experience with them, that's unfortunate and I hope it can be resolved soon.

    With that said I think you need to chill out here. Apparently not many people have had too many bad experiences with him as you have, so you're warning should also be taken with a grain of salt.

    Can you please provide some links to others who have had bad experiences for us? That would help in better establishing a reputation for, as your account alone does not IMO justify not buying from him, although it does make me take caution.

  4. I like a lot. 50grams $12

  5. Not to turn this into an attack...but by simply posting...

    Quote Originally Posted by gabadaba
    Be leary of this very very leary.


    doesn't really come off as a constructive or helpful post whatsoever. Also, your post count has nothing to do with Rizzer's business/order. Message boards like this are about community and trust. While I respect your opinion and your experiences with are new to the community and at least for me, short on trust.

  6. I figure I should pop in on this thread real quick...

    1. I disagree with the idea that my name sucks. I think my name is the single coolest thing about my business ..someone I was talking to at a party actually said my name was too cool and great just to be selling smart drugs and I should not have such a cool name =)....but time will tell...names like and are easy to remember and make you think there's a big company behind them etc. but they are too generic...there's no real "brand name" there..I think 1fast400 is actually better then bulknutrition because it's different enough that you can have certain assocations with it and you'll know it is a certain company/people that you're dealing with when you say "1fast".....something like is too generic and will never have any real brand recognition beyond what it currently might have more people downloading stuff then anywhere else; but someday someone with a goofy name will make a better site and the name "" won't matter as much anymore....

    2. I've answered almost all emails I've gotten within a few hours of receiving them...the one guy who complained in this tread about me sent me multiple messages saying I was a scammer/theif...then a few hours later his messages got even nastier...When I first read his messages my instinct was to tell him he wasn't allowed to order from me and to take his business elsewhere; but instead I played the kiss ass business man role and said I understood his concerns and would try to do the best I can; I then answered a bunch of other questions from him; but he still complains about me....There is really not much I can do to prevent this sort of thing; you can't please everyone and there's always going to be some people who'd rather do business elsewhere; that's why it's a free market and competition is always helpful....

    I have sent out some orders late and have been somewhat disorganized with a few things; but everyone whose order went out late I sent them extra products along with it and most of them have been very happy...I'm hoping to improve some things about my site and order process and get all the kinks worked out in the next few weeks; but if you're order gets screwed up somehow; then lucky you! Because I usually send you an extra bottle of stuff to make up for the delays/problems...I figure if I keep doing this I will lose enough money that I'll make sure not to screw up any orders in the future =)...

    I also will be hiring some help over the next few weeks and I'll be more and more on top of email and have things better organized; If you have any questions/concerns you can email me at : [email protected] and I will get back to you quickly...

    Beyond-a-century sells r-ala 20grams for $18.75; I sell 40grams for $29.99 so my prices are a bit better;...... some people have expressed concerns about r-ala degrading in heat/light and problems with the capsuling/blending I'm going to be carrying k-rala as well(the fancy stuff that doesn't degrade)....I'm about to order it probably right'll probably be about $1.00 per gram for the bulk powder and the capsules should not be much more then that as I've just paid for semi-automatic capsule machines and am going to try to sell almost everything in capsules from now on; as I've bought the powders myself before and rarely got around to capsuling/using alot of the stuff I bought and think it's better if I have the equipment to take care of this part of the process for the customers...

    GabaDaba: I understand that you may have been scammed before and thats why you were so nasty to me in your emails; but I think I'm owed a bit more respect then you showed me; I try my best to answer emails quickly and to be nice to anyone who has any questions; I apologize for any screw ups with your order or with emails; I'm currently overburdened trying to run this business by myself and may have not done everything I'd like to be doing with it..... but if you can't apologize to me for your previous emails and show me a little bit of respect when placing an order; then I ask that you take your business elsewhere.


  7. I think this guy should be given a fair shake.... hes trying to break into the industry and its very competitive. His prices are good and he sounds legit - other posts from another board show a postive test result on some of his products. He has posted what he gets bulk amounts for numerous times. No other guys will post this because they dont want anyone to know what they pay and then mark it up for. rizzer has admitted his profit margin is lower than most - and this is what he is using to expand/improve his business through word of mouth. I plan on trying his r-ala in the near future....
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

  8. Quote Originally Posted by rizzer

    I'm also submitting samples of phenibut to integrated bio; 1fast has not done so

    As far as I know; there is nobody selling "bunk" ingredients...

    but getting things independently tested is always helpful... But I do plan to have everything tested randomly by customers; if you check out my website at
    I actually make an offer to anyone who wants to have my stuff tested...I also offer to pay for tests of other people's stuff because I'm confident that mine is better ....
    rizzer, a few comments:

    1. a lot of companies enjoyed very little confidence when they first started, but sledge, for example, gained it by being one of the few guys who tested his stuff and published the tests, and he was also a straight-up guy on these message boards. by the way, some of his tests showed that he had received **** material from china and as i understand they did not refund so be careful when you commit funds.

    2. 1fast used to test products. out of 20 or so tests that he did test i think 5 came back good. the other products did not meet label claims or did not even contain the actives.


    3. 1fast also tested some r-ala. i think his came back at 95% pure and the other guy's (gluceroll r if i remember correctly), came out at 50% pure so that's why the consumers are a lot of us are paranoid about the r-ala quality. in addition there are many claims that it goes bad in heat (r-ala more so than ala).

    4. 1fast kept getting sued for testing other people's products even though he used independent labs for the testing. i think he mentioned having lost at least $45K on legal fees, and has therefore stopped testing. so if you plan to test other guy's stuff then make sure you can afford the lawsuits. however, if you test your own stuff and post the lab results on your site, then i'm sure you'd gain a lot of customers.

    5. you policy of letting others test your stuff sounds risky b/c a competitor could order some - do a switch - test - and then post the bad results posing as a customer. and if the stuff you've already sold comes out bad even once then your reputation is tainted forever.

    6. lastly, i did order some aniracetam and phenibut from rizzer about a month ago and his service was excellent and the products seem legit as far as i can tell by just consuming them. please add some vinpocetine and alpha GPC. the latter is especially expensive at bac which is the only place i know that has it for reasonable prices, so if you could provide it for a good price and quality then that would be awesome. good luck.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by rizzer
    I'm thinking of carrying the fancy prohormones maybe within the next few weeks
    also, the above comment seemed a little weird given that congress has already voted to ban prohormones. the senate still needs to vote on it and the president needs to okay it but from what i've heard that could happen anyday. 1fast said the insiders expect maybe 4-6 weeks (that was a week ago), though no one knows and apparently there will be no grace period for sales. so there really isn't much future in ph/ps sales, but there is a lot of risk of getting stuck with a bunch of stuff that will be scheduled and even possession will become illegal.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by rizzer
    Well there's a couple comments I could make here...

    1. Margins of these other guys are higher then you'd imagine....

    I first was hoping to start a business and get equipment to make custom combinations and capsules of materials; since they're were already several very (I assumed) low priced effecient companies offering bulk powders; I figured there was no way I could make much money offering such materials.. after I did a lot more research on acquiring materials; I find out that these other companies are neither low priced nor effecient......I have listed prices that various bulk materials cost from wholesalers in the U.S. and from China before and pissed off a lot of people so I won't keep doing it all over the net; and getting banned from all the sponsored BB's .....but basically every reseller of most of these compounds is more then doubling/tripling their money on what they're selling it for...R-ALA is expensive still and there's a lot of competition so with r-ala the markups aren't that bad and there is less room to destroy the competition; but there is still plenty of room ...and I can make money with the lowest prices on the net.....I have yet to make a dime on this whole business and have given all my paychecks and any other money I came across into it...but if I do things right I should be making real good money in another couple months...a lot of new businesses wait several years before they make any money...I've also quit my regular job and do this thing full time now...AND I just bought some used dvd's from blockbuster with my paypal debit card ...

    2. As far as I know; there is nobody selling "bunk" fact the people with highest quality ingredients; generally have a lower price then the ones with quality a little least this is true for those in China/India offering products for sale that I've come across...probably Because the ones selling it the cheapest tend to make it the most; and they get better and better at making it as they get more experienced and make more...but getting things independently tested is always helpful...the guy at the independent lab says though that there are very few materials which are going to come in at above 99%....mostly due to air/water "contamination" of powders shipped thru mail etc....but it depends on the material...I think creatine and phenibut should both come in at above 99% due to the density of the materials and the fact they rarely "pick up" air/water...but I'm not really an expert on the topic...basically what you're looking at is: does it contain "mostly" the product i.e. above 90-95% and does it not contain "impurities" they test for heavy metals and other things and give results on those....containg a few percent of air/water should not harm either you or the'd just have to take a little more of it...

    But I do plan to have everything tested randomly by customers; if you check out my website at
    I actually make an offer to anyone who wants to have my stuff tested...I also offer to pay for tests of other people's stuff because I'm confident that mine is better ....

    I realize I have my work cut out for me in gaining people's trust; and since many are still ordering from other higher priced suppliers which I don't quite understand that well; it's even harder to gain their trust because they haven't let me ship products to them quickly and with good service yet ..

    I think the testing "in the wild" is something that no other supplier offers or plans to offer; they are scared of this idea and scared of the results it could bring...they all do the same thing...sell it for such a high price and say "trust us"....this seems to work as people believe that because they're paying for these guys yachts...then the quality must be there..this is simply not true...

    My r-ala is actually being submitted by a customer of mine; who has posted results on other products on public forums. If you would like to send in some of my r-ala for testing; I'd be happy to give you store credit for the price of the tests/shipping/materials/etc...The test is $165 and I can give $200 in store credit for the test since you have to waste materials on it and ship them out etc...

    I'm hopefully going to improve my website and my automation process with ordering; and as long as I have the best prices and great/fast service then more and more people will order from me...and I'll have the trust of more and more people...

    If you (alpine) or other regular posters in here would like to buy my goods on credit; (I'll send you some-rala etc. and you agree to pay me "later") you could then send them in to have tested;(no other higher priced suppliers have had their products independently tested......NO supplier lets customers do this for them) after the results come back I will send you even more goods to cover what you paid for the tests....The forums are a great way to get business; and anyone who is a regular poster..who ends up getting my products tested; is going to be an advertisement that I couldn't find/buy anywhere...So let me know; I'll send you some r-ala powder out on Tuesday; and you can see that the quality is can post your results with it; and everyone benefits...

    I'm eventually going to offer free products to anyone who will make a "webjournal" of how they use particular products...but such is a few months away and right now I've got to get more money coming in to order more products....

    Let me know if you have any problems/questions or if I'm laying it on a little too thick....

    Have your products been independently tested yet? Also can you please explain your shipping methods? How do you keep the R-ALA cool at all times when shipping during the summer?

  11. Also what do you guys think of Glucorell-R? Looks good because it contains biotin

    and has been independently tested as 100% pure.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by FreakMonster
    Also what do you guys think of Glucorell-R? Looks good because it contains biotin

    and has been independently tested as 100% pure.
    didn't 1fast test this product to find that the caps only contained 50% of amount on the label.

    the results you posted just tell me that the product is 100% pure (100% anything makes me suspicious), but it does not say that the caps of glucorell-R contain 100% of the amount of the label. correct me if i'm wrong here.

    also, if you believe the biotin is important with r-ala, then why not just buy the bulk biotin powder and take a little bit of it with you r-ala to save money since gluceroll-R is much more expensive than most other r-ala products.


  13. I purchased from rizzer. the prices can't be beat. i got some of my shipment and then got the rest a couple of weeks later because he was behind. I did get Extra stuff. It seems that he got behind and ran out of stuff.

    He did answer my emails and promised to hire more people so i am willing to continue giving him my business until he messes up. New business take time to stabilize and get things rolling smoothly.

    I will say one thing though, Rizzer, you need to tell people that the product is going to ship a little late. believe it or not, customers understand and would rather know than have the product show up 2 weeks late. But there was extra stuff!


  14. While we're at it, does anyone know if the quality of Syntrax's r-ala is good?

  15. Dan, I've used Syntrax's R-ALA for the past few months and I have no complaints.

  16. Awesome, thanks Sheesh. Its the only brand that my sup store carries so I was hoping I could use that since they sell it cheap.

  17. I want the K-RALA. This site says r-ala turns into junk pretty fast.

    The have K-rala in tablet form for more money, but who knows if
    the r-ala we've been buying is any good.
    K-RALA™ Capsules 100
    100mg stable R-Lipoic Acid capsules
    150 mcg D-Biotin

    90 vegcaps $29.95
    I asked Mike Rizzer if he is going to carry it soon. I'll let you know what he says

  18. Mike Rizzer will be carrying Krala soon at a cheap price.

  19. Yeah..I added the k-rala...and the prohormones .....let me know any thoughts or comments....

    edit: I should add...I think someone asked about the regular r-ala getting tested...the customer who was going to send it in;I don't think he ever sent it in.....I was more then happy to give him the store credit on it; but can't really force people to do that type of work as it's a pain in the ass to fill out the paperwork; send in the samples it costs almost $200 etc....but anyone here is welcome to test my stuff and get store credit for it......but I'd recommend the k-rala for anyone whose truely concerned about such things; ....bought it from those people at geronova ...sure they have a lot of the negative info about the r-ala and have the patented somewhat better k-rala at a higher price...but they offer discounts if I Buy more and promised to eventually be about the same price as the chinese r-ala by 2005 or I think I"m probably gonna push the k-rala almost totally and put the regular r-ala on the backburner....just offering it enough so I can sell my current stock etc....

  20. Bump from the dead!

    Is this company still alive? Any more feedback on his R-ALA? Did it get tested?
    The k-r-ala he'll carry is the same as the geronova's rght?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by wicked2night
    Bump from the dead!

    Is this company still alive? Any more feedback on his R-ALA? Did it get tested?
    The k-r-ala he'll carry is the same as the geronova's rght?
    Smile 2 Biz isn't around anymore at least I don't think. I believe almost all K-R-ALA comes from Gernova since they have the patent on it. Check out 1Fast400 or Nutraplanet for the raw powder. Syntrax probably has the cheapest capped version that i have seen.

  22. get the powder from stryder. He might have a sale on it in bulk soon. Just kidding, Sam...

  23. I already got some from stryder, and now was planing on ordering from 1Fast400 the R-ALA to try and find it out for my self if the stuff degrades. But they're currently out of stock. So i found this thread, and couldn't belive the prices. So is this guy still doing buissnes with these prices?


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