Muscle Warfare: Napalm (Review)

  1. Muscle Warfare: Napalm (Review)

    This stuff is the real deal!

    My preworkout history consists of NO Xplode, NO Shotgun, Jack3d, Superpump 250, and a custom mix I made from bulk supplies at Nutra.

    Muscle Warfare Napalm
    scores 1-10, 10 being the best, 1 being the worst

    To compare I thought superpump250 and Jack3d tasted good. I tend to like things that are tart though. The grape flavor of the sample I received mixed very well with little to no floating debri. The taste was grape with a hint of something mediciny. It definitely won't gag you but I'd reccommend taking it with really cold water.

    What you get is a ton of mental focus and a desire to crush weights! I blew past my max on squats like I had been playing around the week before. My dead lifts today were nothing short of maniac. Good solid pumps made me feel swole as I walked out of the gym. The mental focus was the best I've experienced. Didn't care about the jerkoff curling in the power rack, didn't even notice the chick with the spandex doing walking lunges....all there was was me, the weights and my bodies' limits to push.

    No harsh comedown, no crazy stimulant twitching. It didn't affect my post workout appetite. We'll see if it affects my ability to go to sleep tonight. My stomach is not upset like it would be with NOxplode and Superpump250.

    Based on the samples I received, would I buy the product? Definitely.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! =)

  3. nice, A tad expensive for my taste

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