WP Isolate versus Concentrate

  1. WP Isolate versus Concentrate

    Are the only differences between the two (assuming that micro-filtration and not ion exchange is used so all growth factors are kept) that WPI has more protein on a gram per gram basis and contains less fat and carbs?

    So if a person didn't care about the 1 or 2 grams of fat/carbs, would taking in (these are ficticious amounts of course) a 30 gram serving of WPC that yeilded 22 grams of protein be the same as taking in a 25 gram serving of WPI that yeilded 22 grams?

    Am I missing something? If not then I don't see why anyone wouldn't just take in a few grams of extra WPC rather than paying much more for WPI (unless they're really concerned about those extra grams of fat and carbs).

  2. There may be some small differences, but I'm with you. I can't justify paying nearly double unless it will make a noticable difference in my gains & physique. I also buy caseinate over micellar casein for the same reason, half the price. I know it probably makes a difference to elite pros, but I've used both & never noticed anything. I'll keep buying the concentrate/blend & save my money.

  3. Some more info from Will Brink on whey protein types (also attached in PDF format):


    I do agree though that concentrate will definitely get the job done at a lower cost
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