unique cutting tips

  1. unique cutting tips

    List some. Ill rep you if I can. Sups can be included, but I certainly don't whant to limit the thread.

  2. Ice water & sugarfree gum both have been proven to accelerate calorie expendeture, plus they curb the apetite. Also, I generally go carb free post workout, but include simple sugars pre. The result is an intense feeling of thermogenesis!

  3. Anybody got any more?

  4. Clenbuteral. CLA (mega dosed). Carb cycling. Negative reps(burns everything you have during recovery).
    The best cut I ever did was Clen, M Drol dosed 10 one day, 20 next, 10, 20 and so on while eating 500 calories below maintenance and lifting as if I was bulking(6-8 rep range).

  5. I recently started using coconut oil before my full body weight lifting sessions. I used to pour a bunch of honey on my eggs and oats, but the MCT's seem to do the trick.

  6. Tabata Squats


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