quick question

  1. quick question

    hyperdrol x2 + trib (60% protodioscins)

    is this a good idea..? they both increase testo but in different ways...hmmm...

  2. not fond of tribulus and I've never witnessed a study proving it raises test. I've heard that it increases DHEA levels but that's just what I heard.

    Hyperdrol X2 is fun though. i would stack it with TCF-1 or Test Force instead of trib.

  3. Agree add tcf 1, was on sale not sure if it still though

  4. Not fond of trib either, althought it has its place in products which contains a variety of ways to boost test. I would go with Testopro, TCF-1, Sustain alpha. or Mass Addiction by Anabolic Addiction and TCF-1
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