Dextrose + Maltodextrin PWO?

  1. Dextrose + Maltodextrin PWO?

    In another forum I was recommended a post-workout shake consisting of:

    1/3 Dextrose
    1/3 Maltodextrin
    1/3 Whey Isolate

    What do you guys think? Anybody doing the Dex + Malt?

  2. it will work but I do waxymaize, whey, creatine. The sugar may bind to the protein and dextrose is a sugar and so is maltodextrin. I can see the insulin spike but it is better if you use Creatine with it for the insulin spike and then a while later have some protein.

  3. 1/3 what?
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

  4. Quote Originally Posted by iForce Dave View Post
    1/3 what?
    I meant one-third of each. For example: 35g Whey, 35g Dex & 35g Malto

  5. yes, I use dex + malt; do it.

  6. Hey who told you this? I usually tell people this all the time, and I've said it on another forum.

    Anyway, does anyone still use malto/dextrose/whey post workout? I've heard sugars post is unwise.

  7. You guys need to read the Window Of Opportunity by Adam (if i remember right) of, They did an EXTENSIVE article/study and provided some of the best info on insulin/carbs/protein/rehydration and correct ratios for the best post workout nutrition. Before you make up your mind about anything, please do check out the laymans version and extensive version of the window of opportunity by them. Helped me alot to learn about your body post workout.

    Hope you find this helpful.

  8. I just lookEd that text up and it's great and all but I've read articles from tnation to counter the use of antioxidents around the post workout windows. Also, on tnation they've recently said to stop using sugars post workout, as it produces a negative affect.


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