Creatine effect when trying to cut or burn fat?????

  1. Creatine effect when trying to cut or burn fat?????

    I have a question that seems to receive a different respons from person to person and that is should someone continue to use creatine if they are trying to cut and burn fat or should they drop creatine and save it for bulking? Is creatine counterproductive to fat burning? I know creatine is good for increasing muscle size, which makes the body more efficient at burning fat. What are your thought on this topic?

  2. IMHO, it is NOT counterproductive to fat-burning in any way whatsoever. I'd go so far as to say it can assist when one is hypo-caloric, by adding strength to a weaker body from dieting.

    One should be conscientious of the mild oedema (water weight) and ensuing blunted definition as it will "play tricks" on a rigorous dieter's mind.

  3. Creatine is good either way. I hav read that it actually helps cut up to. So go for it.

  4. For the endomorph, increasing phosphocreatine stores may skew the brain's thinking of how much energy it is recieving, but ultimately shouldn't make a difference providing calories are in check. And as Whacked says, it s avolumizer and will help with strength gains, so can help retain muscle during a diet, although endos generally don't have much of a problem retaining muscle for the most part.

  5. Guys...great responses!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Never had an issue.


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