Pink magic $69.... WTF!!!

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    how do we know there is nothing in pink magic that can have side effects down the road such as cancer?

    everything is a risk
    dude I believe the freaking beef we eat is likely to cause cancer...

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    dude I believe the freaking beef we eat is likely to cause cancer...
    thats the point.........i just think ph use has a bad image, but if done properly it can be safer than beef.

    anyways, i hope the best for usp labs, they make decent stuff. that was not an attack on them just a point for those who think natty=100% safe free.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

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    Your bread analogy is off...

    Because comparing it to usps products... The loaf of bread should be cheaper cause it has been around longer ie been on the market longer bur if u are buying some crazy new special bread compared to the last one it might be more expensive.

    I am truely not bashing USP or their products. Heck I turned sooo many people on to jacked I should get some compensation, lol. It's just I see a growing trend of supplements getting more and more expensive. Yes u can say, "then just don't use them" and that is true. But it's a forum for discussion so I brought it up.

    Prob just have to breakdown and try it at some point to actually see for myself.

    Would be nice to see a thread of ALL your loggers with just their before and after pics and beginning stats and ending stats. Can u guess do this?
    Bread analogy wasn't off, it shows things can go either way no matter how or what. You asked what I was talking about, and that is what I was talking about..

    Still, the main focus of the original sentence, DID YOU SEE THE PRICE OF PRIME, AP, and PF when they first hit the market?

    The reason why I said that was because you wrote "WTF" as if it was a surprise? If you had seen those other products or remembered them then there should not have been a surprise, though, I may have read your title wrong and you may not have been surprised but just obscured a bit.

    I'm still trying to figure out how you see it as expensive?
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  4. I am not here for an e-argument, liftingstud, but I cannot find the reasoning behind why you feel it was surprisingly expensive...

    I mean, I can say it is costly but it didn't surprise me due to knowing products that are initially released are usually expensive due to high demand and the ability to secure the ingredients or lack there of.
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  5. Regarding the author of the aforementioned article: Truth about Anthony Roberts

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ax1 View Post
    it was a great victory for our people,

    and the chinese i hired to dress up as north korean's and wave our great flag in the stands did a superb job, dont you think?
    I do have to agree with the superb flag waving. I suspect that was practiced over many months at the people's stadium in Pyongyang.

    I was particularly impressed with the massive amount of tears shed by your striker during the North Korean national anthem, which I believe was composed by the late great Kim Il-Sung, your father and the Dear Leader.

    I'm sure he was thinking of you and your benevolent leadership of your great land during his outpouring of emotion. Either that or he was in fear for his life if he didn't score. Either way, it was a highlight of the world cup so far.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ax1 View Post
    thats done already, i assume you've visited my country. i hope you had a good time here and come back soon.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post

    I have read many logs for PM... I find they generally start the same way... "I CANT WAIT TO LOG THIS AWESOME SUPPLEMENT or THANKS TO USPLABS FOR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO LOG GREAT PRODUCT." Already they have a mental bias built into it. Maybe they take PM and because they think they should feel this great effect they lift harder and push themselves more... But who knows, it could be an amazing product.
    The opening remarks in a log, especially a sponsored one, do not necessarily suggest an a priori bias. Thanking a company for the opportunity to log a product should not be a reason to discount the underlying honesty of the logger. Besides, your comments suggest you may not have properly grasped the driving rationale for the Pink Magic beta tests. In particular, and as I stated in the opening comments of my Pink Magic log ( ):

    "The key idea of this beta-testing is to supply USPLabs with objective feedback to help it decide whether or not to introduce Pink Magic in its current form. Consequently, I would be doing the company a serious disservice, if I deliberately provided it with feedback that differs from my true experience with the beta product. This may lead it to making the wrong choices, and that is certainly contraproductive. So, my feedback will be objective. As usual! Right now, I do not know what to expect from the product, so there is no a priori bias or subjectivity." In effect, the beta-test logs were all about objective feedback, not sugar-coated responses. If the beta-test reviews had not been overwhelmingly positive, Pink Magic would not have been released. So, the beta-test logs were no ordinary "sponsored logs", in the standard sense.

    I was just shocked by the price, esp from USPLabs. Nothing in their lineup is close to this price at all, look through the products... NOTHING IS. Could it be the cost of the raws? Possibly. Could it be them trying to profit off their growing name? Possibly. My whole point was the rest of USPs lineup is mod priced and quaility. I mean Prime was touted to be the amazing muscle and strength builder and it wasnt $69.99 a bottle... maybe at GNC or Vit Shop.
    No company has a product portfolio with an identical price. Prices and price ranges within the same company's product line are driven by specific factors that include ease of obtaining the underlying raws. Recall that our products are based on herbs, not synthetic compounds. As a consequence, the availability of those herbs is not independent of supply conditions (harvest yield, vagaries of the weather, storage and logistic challenges), extraction processes, and so on. These are different for different products, and impact pricing decisions, as you know. If we gain true economies of scale in Pink Magic sourcing and production, it would certainly be reflected in the price accordingly.

    Something else. The speculation that Pink Magic's price might be an attempt by USPLabs to capitalize on its growing influence in the supplement industry at the expense of consumer does not hold water at all. Quite the contrary! How many fast-growing companies would increase the per-capsule amount of their product's active ingredients without increasing price? Think PRIME! How many fast-growing companies would increase the capsule amount per container of one of their best-selling products without a price increase? Think SuperCissus Rx! How many fast-growing companies would upgrade their best-selling pre-workout product without a price increase? Think Jack3d! Or even provide consumers with bulk versions of their potent actives? Think USPowders! So, it should be clear to any objective individual that USPLabs is by far one of the most customer-focused supplement companies around. We think long-term innovation and customer reward, and do not seek to maximize short-term profitability.
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  9. Very well said.
    Just inject.


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