Gnc - Pink Magic

  1. Gnc - Pink Magic

    gnc's price for pink magic is 89.99
    i live in sumter
    ill drive as far as columbia or myrtle beach
    ( bc im going to both in the next week or so )
    but someone please help find a cheaper place to buy this product
    buying online is not an option for me

  2. when they have it at nutra planet, get a friend to buy it for you and ship it to your place..

  3. dude you GOTTA get a bud to help you order online

    dont waste your money on gas and GNC prices.

    get more bang for your buck.

  4. sorry but 90 dollars is ridiculous for a single supplement.not to mention it says you take 6 to 8 caps a day and theres only 180 caps in the bottle.30 days or less for 90 bucks?ill pass...

  5. but if u have a gold card they'll at least lube up before putting it in your corn hole.

    waiting for it to be available online, any word from usp when it's going to be released for everyone?



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