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    So the question I ask is if I burn my finger with the highest degree burn cam I use it or is if useless and I have no feeling. To a certain degree it's not useless but it is not 100% functional ether. That's how I look at meat.
    3rd Degree burn = nerve damage and it would probably be amputated, and totally useless.

    Nothing is 100% funtional in terms of protein anyway. Hell, most nutrients, if not all, your body will only use a fraction of what you put in it, and you piss the rest out.

    I really do want someone to invent a food that is 100% functional to the body though...I would love so much to never have to crap/urinate again so much time would be saved!

    I guess my point is you shouldn't discount meat just because cooking it decreses the amount of usable proteins...meat is delicious, and everyone gets some form of aminos elsewhere, drinking them during workout, lots of whey has aminos, pills, etc.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by John Smeton View Post
    that means the body takes in a higher percent of protein on certain foods.

    although beans have a lot of protein the protein absorbed is less than like 70 %

    did you know this Outstanding? It has been proven though scientific testing
    You're asking if I'm familiar with the advent and quantification of the measured varying biological assimilation (BV) efficiencies between protein sources in vivo?

    No... never heard of it - fill me in

    In all seriousness though... I didn't engage in any discourse involving utilization rates, I was merely stating that whey protein's proficiency cannot be overstated and has been repeatedly demonstrated to be a superior proliferative source for achieving all anabolic markers in comparison to whole food. Protein metabolism is a heavily studied sect of science, and all published and verifiable data that has materialized from those decades of study all show whole food is nowhere near as profound as whey protein at reversing catabolism, replenishing amino acid content, initiating protein synthesis, or the rapidity at which all those functions occur.

    Here is an excellent published paper extracted from the Journal of Nutrition discussing BV and Amino Acid content http://jn.nutrition.org/cgi/reprint/31/5/533.pdf

  3. BTW I just saw a awesome youtube video. YouTube- Famous Vegetarian and Vegan Bodybuilders, Athletes, Sportmen and Sportwomen vegetarian bodybuilders that don't eat animals and even mike who is raw. Lot of these people on here are raw eaters. Cool find btw.


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