NOW brand vs Nutra's Nettle Root?

  1. NOW brand vs Nutra's Nettle Root?

    Any difference? Or anyone tried both? NOW's is half the price per gram and already capped... Im debating ordering some of the NOW brand to play around with

  2. Couldn't hurt to try it out. never tried their nettle extract but all of the Now Foods products I've used have been good to go.

  3. My understanding is the most important component of nettle for bodybuilders is the divinil content. So look to see if either of the two brands are standardized for divinil.

  4. anyone know for sure?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    anyone know for sure?
    Please re-read GregW's sound advice.

    You just need to see (or calculate) how much standardized extract there is in each and compare those numbers, since that's the active ingredient. I tried to do this for you, but couldn't find the "Nutra Nettle Root" product you talked about. Could you be more specific? Lots of companies have "nutra" in their name.

    Good luck.

  6. nutra is short for nutraplanet, which is the sponsored site for this forum

    for nutraplanets product:


    im just gonna go with NOW's brand, its halfed price and already capped


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