adding lipoderm and ab-solved

  1. adding lipoderm and ab-solved

    I just got a bottle of lipoderm and ab-solved, I was thinking of adding a gram of formestene and a gram of caffiene to the lipoderm, and a gram of caffiene and a gram of 1test to the ab-solved, what do you guys think about this? would it help?

  2. I definitely think adding caffeine to the liopderm is a good idea, Topical yohimbine causes local water retention, caffeine acts as a diuretic & counters it. You'll need a few grams though. Lipoderm & absolved can hold at least 3-4 more grams of powder. I see no reason to add formestane for fat loss, but some have had some success reducing gyno with formestane & caffeine. There is a huge thread on about it. Depends what your goal is.

    For the absolved, it is a local carrier that's applied to abdomen. Why would you want 1-test to act locally on your abs? 1 gram is not enough for any effects anyway. The caffeine is OK, but 7-oxo doesnt cause local water retention, so it will probably do very little. Your best option IMO would be to add a few more grams of 7-oxo.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    add a few more grams of 7-oxo.
    agreed, i am doing this to my absolved. I think you can add 3 safely, which would double the strength, sounds like the better option, and it'll run you about $6 to do this.

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