ALA-like 6 bottles worth...when to take

  1. ALA-like 6 bottles worth...when to take

    I can get about 6-10 bottles of Alpha Lipoic Acid for dirt cheap, at about 60 caps/ 100mgs

    When would be the best time to take these, and dosage....I know some people like to take them before carb meals, some like it after workouts....

  2. I usually dose a couple of caps with my morning whey/creatine shake. Another couple of caps mid-day, another couple post workout, and maybe a couple with dinner.

    ALA has been found to aid in absorption of creatine. Which is why I dose with my morning shake, and post workout.

  3. i LOVE 200mg PRE WORKOUT and sipping BCAAs during with creatine.

    i would use it every meal if you have that much of it. works well.

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