Cutting stack, help

  1. Cutting stack, help

    ok guys I think I'ma go with this cutting stack, please let me know what you think of it

    San's Tight with

    What do you think about me adding even more Yohimbine into my stack, I know Tight already has it so what do you guys think

  2. I've never used it so I wouldn't know. But, you can get it cheaper here.

  3. that link doesn't work bigpump23, but Tight! isn't a bad product, there are just cheaper out there.

    Do you not want to use ephedrine?

  4. I ordered something from 1fast the other day and in my box was a sample of San Tight...I took one cap and felt pretty wired/energized all day..i was pretty going by my limited experience with it im not sure what to tell you, but personally I would try it.

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