feel like a god in the gym

  1. feel like a god in the gym

    took 1 scoop maximize v2, 1 adrena-g, 6 hemodraulix. Felt like i could do any amount of weight i wanted. The pumps are insane. Also my second day on optimized voume training and loving it. Think it might be hard to walk tomorrow after the squats and deads.

  2. nice! can't wait to try the V2. I'm starting a log on Monday!

  3. you realize those are just 2 preworkouts and an energy booster.... thats an expensive way to pay for caffine

  4. SFW and GFH

  5. Looking into v2 as well. Keep us posted

  6. awesome man! glad you are liking Maximize V2. Everyone has really liked it. It has def helped me a ton with my training. Im hitting all my goals with my new training system
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