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  1. Beginner Advice

    Hey guys...first of all thanks for taking the time to read this. I've taken "The One" before as directed, with PCT and no problems. I am VERY thorough in my research of prohormones and how to properly use them. That one stack of "The One" was my only experience however, and now I'm ready to get back in the game, but am overwhelmed at all of the different products available. I also still feel like somewhat of a "noob" when it comes to these hardcore supplements, so ANY advice is appreciated! I just graduated RN school last week so feel free to throw any medical jargon at me, I should understand it And forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't the FDA recently ban PHs? In short, I've found myself at a massive brick wall in my quest for muscle and would like to really surge past it...thanks!

  2. "The One" was a ridiculous first PH to run...

    Look into running a cycle of h-drol. The FDA banned a random bunch of PH's (tren, phera, and bold). Do your research and make sure you run a safe cycle.

  3. Thanks...looking into it right now!

  4. I've done a few otc steroids in the past few years, epi and hdrol, but I'm having great results with just the basics I did years ago.
    creatine mono 5-10g/day, whey protein, lots of high protein foods like chicken, tuna and steak, 2 gallons water/day, 8-9hrs sleep and lifting hard and hitting legs hard. I have started to take 100mg of 32 yrs old it really gives me an energy boost.

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