Primordials Beta Alanine: 10k Run!!

  1. Smile Primordials Beta Alanine: 10k Run!!

    Dosed Primordials Beta Alanine prior to workout today.
    5k run followed by biceps and triceps workout followed by another 5 run.
    Zero Lactic Acid Buildup
    Zero Cardio Vascular Exhaustion

    This stuff is the real deal.
    I usually can't run this much after a workout but I did today.
    Also my Polar HR monitor read at BP during 80% of runs.
    I usually run at 160-168 BP.

    Great product...

  2. never tried their BA. might have to
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  3. Thumbs up

    its great stuff and at a decent price. Glad you liked it

  4. Two corrections up top:
    My HR rate was lowered by 10 to 15 beats.
    I usually run and my HR is at: 160-171
    With Beta: 151 to 162

  5. PP has a variety of great products to choose from they are one of my favorites



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