diet/exercise while on T2/OEP

  1. diet/exercise while on T2/OEP

    Hey all,

    Wondering when on T2/OEP Stack how should the diet be modified?

    I train at night after work in my garage. Just the standard bench and free weights. I have soccer training for wednesday nights and 1 game on the weekends.

    Possibly adding another session on monday nights.

    I minimise my carbs, except i will probably eat a bit more the night before a match.

    I do a standard 3 x 10 workout. Somestimes going up to 15 if I feel more reps will give me a better pump. I am thinking about doing a 5/3/1, what are your thoughts on that?

    I'm currently really only doing one bodypart a day. With the exception that i'll do bi/tri on the same day. Chest, back and shoulders get their own day. I am in the process of setting up a ghetto squat rack for legs. This should be complete by the time i start T2/OEP.

    Any advice is welcome!

    I'm also confused as to whether T2 is a thermogenic or stimulant? It sorta seems like OEP and T2 do exactly the same thing, with different ingredients.

  2. I like carb cycling when i am cutting.

    It is all a preference really. Your metabolism will be boost so any diet you do will be made "better" by all the fat loss benefits.

    OEP and AT2 do similar things, but most importantly they both work together to make each other even better.

    You will get a thermogenic effect from the stack. Both supplements will give you a thermogenic effect, more thermogenic effect has been seen with AT2 than OEP, but more stimulant effect has been seen from OEP than AT2, which makes sense with the ingredients.

    I think your diet and workout plan sounds good. I'm sure the guys in the training forum could give more input, but from my point of view you're good to go. I like typical 3x10, with an occasional 15 reps on a 3rd or 4th set
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