1. BCAA vs EAA

    would there be a significant difference if dosing these the same during a workout?

    say 60g sucrose from gatorade,
    2g krealkalyn
    and 10g BCAA or EAA..........

  2. Use BCAA. And take the kre alkalyn first thing in the morning and again post workout. Dont take KA intra workout. Youre not going to see anything from it. Also, look into waxy maize instead of gatorade. WA is cheap and a way better choice. Gatorade's nots a bad choice but it doesnt sustain blood sugars well enough to get you through a whole workout.


    Waxy Maize (intra)
    BCAA (intra) not EAA
    KA (post workout)
    Gatorade as a PWO carb with some whey/casein protein (post workout)

  3. i odnt do carbs post workout i moved the Post carbs to intra, more milos style and so far its awesome!!! i tend to crash from waxy as a carb source, and higher insulin levels rom gatorade correct?

  4. Yeah, you will for sure get a higher insulin out put with gatorade. Theres no doubt about that.

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