ECA stack and Cortisol blocker?

  1. ECA stack and Cortisol blocker?

    Would adding a cortisol blocker to an ECA stack be good\bad or a waste of money?

  2. Good, but may be even better to use after you stop ECA, if you are still dieting.

  3. Good to use together or as you taper/stop use of ECA (as jamjoe said). Overlap them and start the LX 1-2 weeks before you end the EC stack.

    I would drop the A, unless you're way overweight (which your boardstats tell me you are not).

    As always, you have to have a clean diet/workout for it to have any real effects from it.

  4. Which Lean Xtreme is best? DS? Pro? Sinse I started looking into it, I'm confused. I thought Lean Xtreme was an AX product.

  5. X-Lean by IBE works awesome for reducing excess cortisol
    IBE/PHF Boladrol - The Most Potent PH in the World - Available Now!

  6. What is a good cort blocker for women? This thread is for my GF who is running a ECA stack.....


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